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Centrifuge Tubes

Our centrifuge tubes are made using the highest quality molds and materials to ensure extreme accuracy and are perfect for almost all applications. We offer our conical bottom tubes in two different sizes to meet your needs, 15ml and 50ml. Our 50ml centrifuge tube options include conical bottom, sterile conical bottom in foam racks, as well as conical bottom self-standing. We also offer 50ml flat round-bottom centrifuge tubes. Our 50ml flat round-bottom tubes meet all requirements for metallurgical testing standards. We are always happy to send you a free customized sample kit of any of our products to ensure that they will meet your standards.


Test Tubes

TESC offers an extensive line of multi-use test tubes. The tubes are molded from premium grade polystyrene for clarity or polypropylene for impact strength and stability against common acids, alkalies, and solvents. Polystyrene tubes can withstand up to 1500 RPM during centrifugation. Polypropylene tubes can withstand up to 3000 RPM and are autoclavable and freezable.

Microscope Products

TESC brand microscope slides are made of flat, ripple-free and corrosion-resistant glass with smoothly ground edges. They are pre-cleaned and ready to use right out of the box. All of our plain and frosted pre-cleaned microscope slides are newly manufactured and packaged into boxes with 72 slides (1/2 gross) per box. Each box is individually vacuum sealed in plastic to prevent dust contamination. Our slides are sold by the case, each case containing 20 boxes (10 gross) each.



TESC Plastic zip-bags are a standard 2ml thickness and come in a variety of sizes to suit all of your sampling needs.  We offer our zip-bags in plain or white-on for easy labeling.

Medical Supplies

TESC, Inc. is a leading factory direct seller of surgical sutures, surgical blades, and blood lancets, as well as multiple varieties of microscope slides, cover slips, and plastic labware. A list of the different types of microscope slides as well as their functions can be found below:

Positive Charged Slides

These color-frosted positively charged glass slides are made by a new process which places a permanent positive charge on each slide. This process offers the following features:

– Frozen tissue sections and cytology preparations are electrostatically attracted, binding them to the slide.
– A bridge is formed so that covalent bonds can develop between formalin fixed sections, and the glass.
– Tissue sections and cytological preparations adhere better to these slides without the need for special adhesives or protein coatings.

Polysine Slides

Our premium glass frosted slides are now available pre-coated with Polysine. These slides improve the adhesion of tissues to the slides.

Silane Slides

These slides are prepared with Silane to enhance the adhesion of tissue sections and are perfect for histological use.

Cytology Adhesive Slides

These slides are ideal for cytogenetic applications. They come with color frosted ends and a hydrophilic surface.

Hydrophilic Slides

These slides are ideal for blood cell applications and come with white or color frosted ends and a hydrophilic surface.

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